Studio service: +7 (499) 707-14-02, +7 (968) 001-99-24 (from 9 AM to 9 PM)

Music studio: +7 (916) 851-43-67

Mocap service: +7(916) 051-03-62

Delivery of dinners for movie sets from the company 21 ELEPHANT MOVIE FOOLD: +7 (967) 158-98-18


Chromakey Pavilion

Pavilion No.1 is intended for video filming of cinema, animation, television, production of commercials, musical videos, photos and different video content.



Fixed U-type green chromakey (RiR\rear projection).

Dimensions are 17х14х6 m with rounded wall-to-wall and wall-to-floor corners. Total area is 400 m2.

Dimension of auxiliary space in the studio in front of cyclorama is 6х9х5.8 m.

Complete soundproofing against any foreign sounds and availability of dedicated Internet link.

The studio is suitable for entry of cars, MOTION CONTROL doll buggy and large-size stage property.

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