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Moms – 3

Moms – 3

Genre: comedy

The three moms find themselves on board a plane on the way to Prague on the New Year’s eve.  But their plane, due to weather conditions, has to land not in Prague but in the airport of a small Polish town. While waiting for their departure, the characters decide to go to the city center where they believe there are certain festivities on the occasion of the New Year.

They are met by a fabulous old town … with absolutely empty streets. No noisy celebration as the characters thought they would be. The moms strongly disagree with this fact, and decide to stir up the city and arrange, but more probably to throw a real, sincere, rollicking, Russian New Year’s holiday- with Christmas fir tree, Daddy Frost, Olivier salad, champagne (exclusively “Soviet” champagne!) And, of course, with bright fireworks! And a father and son (Andrew Urgant and Garik Kharlamov) from the same flight unwillingly help them with all the arrangements together with  the local people.

Production: Enjoy Movies & Renovatio Entertainment