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Lady of Csejte

Lady of Csejte

Genre: Horror thriller

17th century… Csejte, Austria-Hungary. In a huge castle surrounded by woods and mountains, lives a beautiful Countess Elizabeth Bathory. She is smart and beautiful, elegant and courteous. And no one knows that in the castle of the famous beauty terrible things are happening…

The little tramps – brother and sister Mischa and Aletta – the artists of the street circus, they earn their living by showing tricks, and not disdaining petty theft. One day, another attempt to steal a purse ends in tears – the prison is waiting for the children as well as  court and penal servitude … But suddenly during the trial Countess Bathory tells a word in favor of the little thieves, asking the court to replace the punishment by sending the children to her orphanage in the castle. And it seems that the life of the brother and sister is finally getting better: the children are washed, fed and clothed. They are taught to read and write, in turn as the payment, they help with the housework. But alas – the children soon realize that they are in hell, after a careless question addressed to the Countess about the fate of their missing older sister.

Production: Enjoy Movies, Glacier Films