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A Man With a Guarantee

A Man With a Guarantee

Genre: Romantic comedy

A strange man works as a security officer in one big and the citizens’ favorite shopping center. He helps everybody around him: catering staff and sales clerks of fashion shops, housekeeping and bartenders in the cafeteria. He knows everything and everybody, and everybody know and love him! He is like a kind goblin in this huge building with a million neon signs and bright glass windows. After all, here he not only works here, but also lives a full life –  dresses up for free, eats in restaurants, sleeps in the furniture department and participates in the night races on a floor polisher. “What a strange character!” – You might think

In fact, our character has a secret and mysterious dream. And to implement it he deliberately saves money on his “Salary” bank card.
Once he comes across a “trainee”, and it is necessary to teach her everything he knows. The relationship, which began as an onerous duty, slowly grows into friendship. But the friendship between a man and a woman is a very special thing, very close to romance! However, the character does not know one important detail: his so-called “colleague” is the owner of the entire shopping center.

Production: Enjoy Movies & Renovatio Entertainment